Art Director | Illustrator | Senior Graphic Designer

Hello, I am
Carlos Andrade

I’m a conceptual thinker with a strong creative mind, I have never stopped growing and evolving as a graphic artist, learning and guiding, always paying attention to details and delivering the best work I can.

Graphic Artisit


Main Traits

The key features of my work


Building strong guidelines so that the identity is never lost. Constant Follow up on every project, encouraging others to keep up and stay focused.


From concepts to final products, character design for ad campaigns, comics or games. From small iconography to large printouts.


Always trying to improve the visual experience, facilitating and simplifying, friendliness is the key, adding animation when needed.


In every way possible: reading, drawing, observing, learning and innovating.

My Work


What they say about me.

"Carlos has been an incredible value to our business! A marketing piece is often the first contact guests will have of your establishment and it is crucial your image is respresented perfectly every time. Carlos has the the skill as well as the creative vision to do just that! We were sorry he had to leave us."

Ken DeGori | Operating Partner | E11EVEN Miami

"Carlos is a kind person, a quick thinker and completely obsessed with the usability and maintaing the image of whatever that is handled by humans: Documents, applications, even the office itself. With this skill, I've seen how he has designed the materials for international Marketing campaigns, year after year event after event."

Pablo Perez | Senior Developer | Elastic

"At the time we worked together, Carlos always showed great commitment when it came to caring for the company’s Corporate Image, asking for feedback to improve document templates and following up on every project to prevent graphic flaws, especially when the deliverables where for the client."

Veronica DelHoyo | KAM | Axis Communications

"Carlos simply has a gift for his work, it is the simplest way of explaining it. He is one of those people who really enjoys what he does. He can perfectly understand what someone with zero design knowledge (who “does not speak the same language”) wants and achieve results that not only meet the needs of that person/group, but also aligns perfectly with those of the company itself."

Jesus Rodriguez | PMO

"Carlos was very diligent throughout the entire project, I consider myself very exigent and perfectionist and he was nailing every design, on paper and on the web, with patience and professionalism."

Ostia Gonzalez | CEO | Ostia Tattoo Shop

"It’s a pleasure working with Carlos, he is a very professional and detailed oriented Graphic Artist, from the get-go of the project we got along pretty well, and we had to do very few changes to the final designs. I definitely trust in Carlos to cover all our further graphic image needs."

José M. Stampa | Founder and CEO | Atom Riders
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